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Manage Conversations Using One Inbox

Capture & Convert Leads into Clients

Every business needs leads AND a system to convert them into clients.

At VR Connect we make it easy to connect all your lead sources directly to our platform. This will give you one central place to manage your pipeline regardless of the source.

Once the leads hit our platform you can automatically assign them to the correct person in your organization.


Nurture Your Leads Using Smart Automation​

Your leads will never go cold or slip through the cracks again

Problem: 80% of sales require 5 or more follow-up attempts, but 44% of sales reps give up after 1 follow-up.

Solution: VR Connect automates your follow-up using drip marketing campaigns. We maximize sales conversions by ensuring multiple “touch points” throughout the sales cycle.


Manage Conversations Using One Inbox

VR Connect makes it easy to communicate back and forth with prospects and clients. We’ll keep all your conversations organized in one central inbox regardless of the communication medium. 

One inbox for:


Stay Organized With Click & Drag Pipelines

VR Connect makes it easy to visualize your entire sales pipeline at a glance. You can add deals, associate a value, project an estimated close date, and more. 

Easily track prospects as they transition from a new lead to a new client. You can even trigger automations by simply clicking and dragging a contact from one stage to another.



Manage Your Calendar Online Appointment Booking

In order for a business to be successful you need leads AND a system to convert those into clients.

Due to our open API and direct integrations with Facebook & Zapier, it’s easy to connect your lead sources directly to our platform. You can also upload a list directly to our platform.

Once the leads hit our platform you can automatically assign them to the correct person in your organization.

Find the right properties

Find Properties & Owner Contact Info

Find the right type of properties for your vacation rental inventory.

At VR Connect we understand the importance of finding the exact property types you want to add to your vacation rental program. That’s why we offer a comprehensive services to help you find and target niche properties, and accurate owner data.


Market to Owners on Autopilot Using Smart Automation

Marketing and outreach are essential for growing your VRM.

At VR Connect, we understand the importance of marketing and outreach to grow your Vacation Rental Program. Our targeted campaigns are designed to connect you with property owners through multiple channels.

Automated Follow-Up

Stay Top Of Mind With Automated Follow-Up

Your leads will never slip through the cracks or go cold again.

Problem: 80% of sales require 5 or more follow-up attempts, but 44% of sales reps give up after 1 follow-up.

Solution: VR Connect automates your follow-up using drip marketing campaigns. We maximize sales conversions by ensuring multiple “touch points” throughout the sales cycle.

Landing Pages & Lead Magnets

Owner Landing Pages & Follow-Up Funnels

At VR Connect, we love creating awesome landing pages that make property owners say “wow!” Our landing pages are designed to capture owner lead information and get property owners excited about partnering with your vacation rental management company.

We’ll even setup a follow up email campaign to keep the conversation going and help you covert these owner leads into new listings. 


Property ROI Estimator

Engage Owner Leads with Property ROI Estimator

At VR Connect, we know that getting more owner leads is crucial to growing your vacation rental management business. That’s why we created the Property ROI Estimator. This tool helps property owners see how much they can earn by listing their vacation rental property with you. Attract owner leads, and impress potential clients with this automated property proforma report.

Owner Contract Automation

Send Owners Contracts On-Demand

VR Connect’s CRM automates owner contract creation and sending. Making it easy to customize and send contracts quickly to your prospects. This saves you time allowing you to focus on growing your vacation rental business.

Realtor Connect Campaigns

Email Realtors on Autopilot when a Property Listing Changes

VR Connect’s Realtor Connection Campaign helps you stay top-of-mind with realtors in your area by automatically sending emails when a property status changes. This provides a great opportunity to reach out to realtors and promote your realtor referral program, so they can refer you to their clients at the perfect time.

additional features...


VR Connect’s Drip Marketing Automation is an essential tool for Vacation Rental Management Companies. It automates owner marketing and outreach campaigns, such as direct mail, emails, and text messages, helping companies save time while engaging with clients and prospects. 

Customizable sequences of automated messages keep clients and prospects engaged, leading to stronger relationships and more bookings. It’s a must-have tool for growth-minded companies!


Tired of bland marketing campaigns for your Vacation Rental Management Company? VR Connect’s Campaign Template feature is here to add some pizzazz! Create unique templates for owner acquisition, realtor connections, and drip marketing campaigns, and make them shine with your branding and messages. It’s like having a personal marketing genie at your fingertips! Give it a try and spice up your marketing game!


Say goodbye to juggling multiple channels for your vacation rental management leads! VR Connect’s Inbox feature simplifies your life by organizing all messages in one inbox.

From email, text, live chat, ringless voicemail, to video email – you can manage all conversations from a single place. Respond to leads directly from the inbox and keep them engaged. It’s user-friendly and streamlines your communication with vacation rental management leads. Try it now and take control of your inbox!

Direct Mail & Gifts

Stand out in the vacation rental management industry with VR Connect’s Direct Mail feature! Send unique postcards, letters, notecards, and gifts directly from the CRM to your owner prospects and customers.

This feature will save you time, hassle and helps nurture leads to build strong relationships. Try it today and see how it can impact your vacation rental management business!

Ringless Voicemail

VR Connect’s Ringless Voicemail feature allows you to reach out to multiple leads without ringing their phone. It’s a convenient and efficient way to communicate with your owner prospects and keep track of your outreach efforts. Give it a try and see how it can help you close more deals!

Phone Dialer

VR Connect CRM’s in-app phone dialer feature lets you make calls directly from the CRM, streamlining your communication and allowing you to keep track of your calls all in one place. Give it a try to boost your productivity and grow your vacation rental management business!

Zapier Integration

VR Connect offers a Zapier integration that allows you to easily connect to your favorite tools and apps. With this integration, you can streamline your workflow and automate tasks across multiple platforms, saving you time and effort. Whether you want to integrate with your email marketing tool or your project management software, VR Connect’s Zapier integration has got you covered.

Mobile App

With VR Connect’s mobile app available for both Apple iOS and Android, you’ll have the convenience and flexibility to manage your vacation rental management business from anywhere, with easy access to all of the key features of the CRM at your fingertips. Stay connected, productive, and in control, no matter where your travels take you.


VR Connect provides reporting features to help you keep track of crucial data in your vacation rental management business. Track everything from incoming and outgoing calls, team communication, follow-up efforts,  and more allowing you to analyze performance and make data-driven decisions.


VR Connect’s “Quick Replies” feature enables users to reply to leads quickly and easily with just a click, helping to improve response times and streamline communication.


The call bridge feature that allows you to quickly connect with leads. You will receive a call when a new lead comes in just click 1 on your phone to connect with the lead in real time.


Create and send personalized video emails directly from the platform, making it easy to connect with your leads and customers in a more engaging and effective way.


Use our built-in forms and surveys that allow you to gather information and feedback directly from your owner leads and customers.

and so many more features...

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