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Find on market properties and send an automated outreach campaign to the listing agent.


VR Connect’s Realtor Connect Tool automatically identifies properties coming soon, just listed, under contract, or sold, and reaches out to real estate agents on autopilot.

This is a great way to connect with local realtors, at the just the right time to bring them on your realtor referral program. 


Automatically Find Properties Listed on the Market

Automatically identify new properties listed on the market including coming soon, just listed, under contract and sold properties. This feature helps your vacation rental management business stay informed about properties that are just the right fit for your inventory.


Find the Listing Agents Contact Information

Once a new property is identified, Realtor Connect will automatically find the contact info for the listing agent of that property. This includes their name, office, as well as phone number and email when present.


Property and Realtor Info Automatically sent to CRM

Once the contact information of the listing agent is found, the realtor will automatically be added to your VR Connect CRM as a Realtor lead. Easily keep track of your contacts so you can follow up and maintain relationships with your local realtors.

Email, video email, text, direct mail

Setup an automated follow up to the realtor

Once the contact information for the real estate agent is added to your CRM an automatic marketing campaign will be sent to remind them of your realtor referral program. Stay top of mind with local realtors on auto-pilot.

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