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Owner Acquisition CRM

Centralized Customer Relationship Management system tailored for acquiring property owners.


Owner Contact Info
Initial Targeted Property Search
Property & Owner Data (Initial data & ongoing updates)
Custom marketing solutions.

Communication & Engagement

Tools for effective communication and engagement with property owners and realtors.


Email Marketing
Text Messaging
Ringless Vmail
Direct Mail
Call Bridge
Phone (Incoming/Outgoing)
Marketing Automation
Mobile App
Email Support

Digital Marketing Strategies

Leverage various online channels for marketing and outreach.


Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Youtube Ads
Retargeting Ads
Direct Mail Marketing
Custom Emails to Owners
More Owner Acquisition Strategies

Automated Website Solutions

Create and host websites with automated responses for property owners and realtors.


Owner Website Funnel (Built & Hosted
Website Automation Response (Email, Text)
Realtor Website Funnel (Built & Hosted)

Communication & Engagement

Tailored campaigns and templates for targeted marketing efforts.


VR Estimator Too
Realtor Connect Campaign
Hi Neighbor Campaign
Direct Mail & Email Templates

Analytics & Reporting

Tools to track and analyze marketing efforts.



Virtual Collaboration & Meetings

Facilitate virtual meetings and collaboration.


Phone/Virtual Meetings.

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*These plans provide a $5 credit each month that can be used for sending texts, phone calls, ringless voicemails, and direct mail. You can purchase additional credits as needed. Credits rollover from month to month. Their is a $7 fee per month for each additional user added.

Why Choose VR Connect

VR Connect offers numerous benefits, including improved guest communication, personalized experiences, targeted marketing, and streamlined operations, ultimately leading to increased guest satisfaction and business success.

Centralized Guest Information

Store and organize guest information in one central location

Automated Workflows

Automation tools that streamline repetitive tasks & workflows

Targeted Marketing Campaigns​

Robust marketing tools that enable vacation rental owners to run targeted marketing campaigns.

Performance Tracking and Reporting

Insights into the performance of marketing campaigns, guest satisfaction levels, and booking trends

Efficient Property Management

Features for property management, such as maintenance tracking, housekeeping schedules, and inventory management

Integration with Booking Platforms

Integrate with popular booking platforms and property management systems (PMS), allowing for seamless data synchronization between systems.

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