Say "Hi" to New Neighbors

Connect with New Property Owners

Grow your inventory with the power of neighborly outreach.
Automatically identify and followup with new homeowners in your area.
Targeted marketing

Tool Overview

VR Connect’s “Hi Neighbor” tool automatically identifies recently sold properties and sends targeted marketing campaigns to new owners. 

This tool is designed to help your vacation rental management company grow their inventory by connecting with new homeowners in the area. 


Identify New Homeowners in the Area

The “Hi Neighbor” tool scans recent properties sold to identify new homeowners in the area and automatically sends them targeted marketing campaigns introducing them to your company.

CRM Management

Add New Homeowners to Your CRM

Add new homeowners directly to the VR Connect CRM automatically. Continually grow your owner leads with automation.


Marketing Automation to New Homeowners

Send targeted marketing campaigns to new homeowners on auto-pilot. 
Easily connect, follow up, and track new homeowner leads.

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